Over the years, we’ve been asked a lot of questions. Here are the answers to the most popular ones:

How will you assess my project and provide a quote?
We assess projects based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: square footage, condition of the space, and customer requests. The best way for us to provide you with an accurate quote is to schedule a consultation. This will give us the opportunity to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed account of timeline, cost, product recommendations, and the MVP process.

What kind of paint do you use? Can I provide my own paint?
We’re experts in paint and are able to give you the best and most relevant advice on available products. We are well connected with some of the best paint suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and as a result are able to secure competitive pricing for all of our products. If you wish to use your own paint, we will need to examine the product prior to the start of the project to determine its’ suitability.

Will my furniture and flooring be protected?
Absolutely. Our work ethic is based on commitment to process, respect, and precision. We use industry leading techniques to ensure space is secure and protected. 

What about paint fumes?
We use high quality products that reflect current trends and standards. With numerous products offering low/no VOC options, we do not want you to be concerned about fumes. We can discuss the chemistry behind these products to help put your mind at ease and ensure you’re comfortable before we begin our work.

What about the environment and waste disposal?
We ensure that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum by safely and ethically disposing of all materials. We are also diligent about maintaining our tools to ensure we are keeping items out of the landfill whenever possible.

Now that that’s Settled…

Maybe you still have some more questions – that’s understandable! Contact us today so we can provide you with all of the finer details and help you prepare for the next steps.