Through designer partnerships, MVP Painting Inc. is happy to offer Colour Consultation services with professionally trained industry experts.

What is a colour consultation?

A colour consultation is a process where a Design Consultant considers your personal style, as well as the size, shape and lighting in your room, to help you choose paint colour(s). During the consultation, we will work to understand your individual needs. We aim to balance your vision with timeless palettes that can work with your space and your life.

How does it work?

1. We’ll meet in your space and get to you know you and your aesthetic. We’ll offer paint and fabric samples to help you identify what you like.

2. Neutral and colour preferences will be selected; we’ll leave you with options to think about for a few days. We will offer to paint small sections of your wall space to allow you to look at the colours for a period of time.

3. We’ll return to your space and discuss where your preferences lie. We’ll provide advice, but will always ensure that you’re happy with the selections.

Next Steps…

Don’t let the palettes overwhelm you – contact us to book your colour consultation today.